Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Day

Christmas was magical this year. The kids are all at that stage now where they were all SO excited for Santa Claus to come. Conner had a very hard time getting to sleep because he was so excited. He even woke up and told me that he heard Santa and the Reindeer on the roof!

This year for Christmas morning Grandma and Grandpa Houghton came over to watch the kids open their presents and the kids really loved that.

Kenadee was really hoping for Kit the American Girl Doll. Conner was dying to get a Wii and little Ethan wanted race cars. I guess that they were all pretty good this year because Santa brought them all just what they wanted.

After they opened up their presents from Santa and Mom & Dad, we went over to grandma & grandpa houghtons for another round of presents and fun. We have had such a great time this year for Christmas. It has been so much fun getting together with the family.

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Kyle, Ellen, Kenadee, Conner and Ethan